In less than a year, I grew my email list to over 10,000 using Pinterest with less than 100,000 pageviews a month!

You've heard Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic for online business owners and bloggers, but you just don't get it. You've spent hours searching Pinterest for Pinterest strategies. But it seems everyone has a different opinion on how to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest.

You have so many questions and no clear answers.

  • Which Pinterest scheduling tool should I use? 
  • Do group boards still matter? What the heck are group boards?! How do I get on "good" group boards?
  • What should my profile look like?
  • How many pins do I pin per day?
  • What do you mean Pinterest isn't a social media platform?
  • How do I find relevant keywords?
  • Where do I put those keywords?
  • Email list? Why do I care about my email list?! I thought we were talking about Pinterest??

...ugh, I know, It sounds complicated doesn't it?!

I have good news for you! There is only one secret to driving traffic to your website from Pinterest... consistency!

YAY!! So, that’s it, right? I’ll teach you my Pinterest strategy that can be maintained in less than an hour a week. Your website will be hoppin’ with new customers and you’ll be one happy camper. Wait, hang on, friend...

I am going to teach you exactly how to bring Pinterest traffic to your website but the REAL KEY TO PINTEREST SUCCESS is not how to get customers to your website but what to do with your customers once they arrive at your website!

I am going to teach you the entire Pinterest Customer Journey AND the secret sauce to convert Pinterest traffic into email subscribers!

Why should you care about email subscribers? Because email allows you to turn Pinterest browsers into paying customers!




  • How to set up rich pins
  • Optimizing your Pinterest profile and boards
  • How to use Pinterest group boards

MODULE 2: PINTEREST GROWTH 3 video lessons

  • Explode your Pinterest growth with keywords
  • How to schedule pins with Tailwind
  • A successful Pinterest strategy based on Tailwind analytics


  • How to create Pinterest image templates using Canva
  • Successfully A/B split test images to drive more Pinterest traffic 
  • How to use the Social Warfare plugin to grow your Pinterest presence 

MODULE 4: PINTEREST BROWSER TO EMAIL SUBSCRIBER 1 video lesson & 1 text lesson

  • 3 effective strategies for driving Pinterest traffic to your email list 
  • 6 unique strategies for turning Pinterest traffic into customers

MODULE 5: EXPAND YOUR PINTEREST STRATEGY WITH ADS 3 video lessons & 1 text lesson

  • Install your Pinterest conversion tag the right way
  • Set up custom audiences for Pinterest ads
  • Successfully run low-cost Pinterest ads
  • Understanding Pinterest ad results



MARCH 2016

Started Pinterest Strategy

Email list: 52

Pageviews: 11,595

Monthly income: $0


Stopped Chasing Pageviews

Email list: 1,800

Pageviews: 29,923

Monthly income: 1st $1,000 month


Focused on Converting Pinterest Traffic to Email Subscribers

Email list: 10,000+

Pageviews: 64,095

Monthly income: average $3,500/month


Hi! I'm Monica, a mom, wife, blogger, and entrepreneur. I have an MBA degree in finance and marketing and blog at Redefining Mom, a site for empowering working moms. In 2015, I traveled to the White House to discuss family-friendly workplace policies with the President’s senior advisors and have been featured on several media outlets including Fox News, Healthline, and Mom Talk Radio. My passion is to help other moms find their version of balance through time management tips, flexible work options, and helping women build online businesses to escape the 9-5 grind.


I have an active Pinterest account, is Pin Practical worth my investment?

Absolutely! Many business owners have active Pinterest accounts, but that's only half the equation. Pin Practical not only teaches you a low-maintenance strategy for maintaining your Pinterest account, it also teaches you how to turn your Pinterest traffic into paying customers. 

Can I find this information online for free?

Some of the basics you can find online for free. I've read a ton on Pinterest marketing over the last year and tried many strategies myself. The problem I've found with the "free" advice on the internet is that it's outdated or untested. I've used the strategies I'm showing you on my account and several of my clients have seen their accounts and email subscribers grow using these same strategies. Pin Practical will always be updated with the latest strategies.

How do I access the Pin Practical course?

Great question! Pin Practical is hosted on the Thinkific course platform. When you checkout via a secure connection with SendOwl, you will receive a download link for a PDF. The PDF will prompt you to create a username and password that will give you lifetime access to the course and all future updates!


What if I don't know anything about Pinterest, will this help me?

Yes! I cover the basics of Pinterest for Business in the first module, Pinterest Foundations. The focus of Pin Practical is on creating an easy-to-implement strategy that is low maintenance and produces a high return on investment for the time you spend implementing Pin Practical's strategy. 

I use BoardBooster, but I see you teach Tailwind. Can I use BoardBooster with Pin Practical's strategy?

I've never personally used BoardBooster, but the strategies presented in Pin Practical can be applied to another scheduling tool. The only caveat to that is the strategy I teach that directly ties to Tailwind analytics. I would strongly encourage you to give Tailwind a try. You can sign up for a free trial here. (affiliate link)

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